The One With (Surprising) Success

It turned out awesome! The pattern worked just like it did in my mind and the best thing of all? My math worked! Which if anyone remembers the hexagon quilt that was supposed to be a square quilt but I got my triangles wrong they would know that math isn't really my strong suit. Throw … Continue reading The One With (Surprising) Success


The One With Stubborn Juices

Sometimes the fabric just tells you what it wants to be. Sometimes it absolutely refuses to inform you and you spend many a frustrating hours trying to get something to click. My advice when that happens? Just give up. Put it back on the shelf, let it stew in its own stubborn juices for a while. Eventually, one … Continue reading The One With Stubborn Juices

The One With… Not Quite Satisfaction

So I learnt something very interesting today. Photos of quilts with the sun coming in from behind don't quuuite look that good. And I'm a photography student. You would think that I would know that. So this is the quilt that I failed to lay out last week. I have since unpicked, my goodness, all the … Continue reading The One With… Not Quite Satisfaction