This Is It…

This is my very first blog post and I’m all a-tremble!

This blog was born because my friend and I were opening an Etsy store for quilts, and quilted animals, and other quilted things (basically we are obsessed with material and are procrastinating about so many things). We wanted somewhere where we could put up pictures, share what inspires us and use it as yet another procrastinating tool. Though, in honour of this momentous occasion, I did make a effort…

See! I cleaned up my sewing table!

I first was introduced to quilting on my 16th birthday when my family went to stay with friends that lived in the country. The lady of the house loved quilting and showed me her sewing room. I had never seen such a thing before and the sight of a room dedicated to sewing with boxes and boxes of material stacked neatly, pure took my breath away.

After letting me paw through her carefully organised stash (and probably mussing it all, though I won’t admit to anything) the wonderful lady of the house helped me choose a pattern out of a Handmade magazine, select material – oh the joy! – and cut out what I needed for a simple wall hanging.

I took it all home with me and cautiously appliqued on the flower pot and love heart flowers. Hand sewed the border squares together and stitched them to the central piece. Almost predictably, none of the edges are even and there’s an extra square in there somewhere… But I loved it and will love it forever and it still hangs in my bedroom.

(I would like to add that my eye for colour has evolved over the years. That first piece had bright fairy coloured material right next to country patchwork browns. There is a reason why it’s in my bedroom and not in the lounge room. And why I’m not putting a photo up here.)

After that I started making more quilts and wall-hangings, and then discovered the sewing machine! That could do a seam in seconds!! Instead of minutes!!! A whole new world opened up, though sometimes I still sew a quilt by hand. It’s wonderfully brain numbingly relaxing. In my personal opinion.

The best part about making a quilt is the choosing of the colours, deciding what pattern would bring out the best of the material and sitting there with the cutter in hand, ready to make the first cut. There is so much endless potential in that moment that it thrills me to my very bones.

Unfortunately, quilting has never gotten me out of doing the dishes.

The starting point…

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