The Wonders of Smelly Spritz

Yesterday I bit the bullet and laid out one of my quilts to pin it all together, not my favourite part to be sure. It took me about an hour to pin it all to the double layer mink blanket. About 10 minutes to sew around the inside border… and maybe half an hour to unpick it. The blanket had twisted. So I tried again.

I laid it out, and pinned it, sewed it. And unpicked it. Gave up, and threw it back on the ‘I’ll get to it someday, probably not for months at least’ pile.  Let’s just say that it won’t be lonely on that pile.


Fortunately for my poor lap quilt, I was in the craft store later that afternoon and found Spray On Basting! Oh this is a wonderful thing! I simply laid out the mink blanket, sprayed it with my wonderful new toy, and carefully smoothed out the quilt on top. It worked like a dream. The layers stayed together like an old married couple and I was able to sew both borders without them separating or moving at all. It is something I definitely recommend, though I do warn you not to spray it right before visitors come over. It is somewhat malodorous, and family and friends do not appreciate its sticky wonders.

The pattern I had used for the quilt is called Butterfly’s In Bloom, and to my shame it actually took me several minutes of staring at it to figure out where the butterflies were. To those that are like me, I’ll help you out…






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