Gale Force Winds and Trees

On the weekend some friends and I went into the Perth Craft & Quilt Fair. For some reason we (meaning me, because I organised everyone) decided to train in to the city and walk to the expo centre on the day where there were severe weather warnings and gale force winds. We got slightly wet. To say the least.

Walking into the centre was heavenly for more than just its warmth and dryness. There was fabric! and stamps! and long arm sewing machines! and quilts! and scarfs! and beads! and quilts! I went in there armed with my credit card, and at the first booth I stopped at was asked if I was old enough to have a credit card. I shall take that as a compliment and move on.

While I couldn’t quite talk myself into paying $69 for a jelly roll, I did manage to walk away with some lovely material and yarn. I haven’t sewn with this style of material P5240010.JPGbefore and the sparkliness fills me with joy and all happy feelings. I think it will go best in a simple pattern, with black edging around each block to let the material stand out. We shall see…


The yarn is hand dyed 100% Tencel, which I had never heard of before. Could have knocked me over with a feather when the kind man told me that the silky softness that I was stroking was made from timber shavings. The strands that I wanted to wrap around myself and never let go made from wood? Impossible! I came home and looked it up on the extremely useful internet to find out that yes, my luxurious yarn had indeed started life as a tree. Life is ever surprising.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I’m still trying to convince myself that I actually have to crochet with it, rather that sit here petting it.



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