Maths At Night… Doesn’t Make Sense In The Morning

Last night I couldn’t make my fingers crochet another stitch. Every time I even considered picking up hook my poor abused digits started wailing in protest. There is even the start of a blister on the side of my middle finger. If that’s not a sign to put down the crochet and back away slowly I don’t know what is.

So instead of whiling away the night hours leisurely and happily engrossed with yarn and hook, I did math. P5260018.JPG


I figured out the design of the quilt I wanted to make with the gorgeous fabric gotten from the fair. Remember when I said simple would be best? That kind of flew out the window. I had all kinds of fun designing the pattern, then it came to figuring out the fabric and cutting and borders and so on. Math.


But I have learnt from previous IMG_20160526_094546.jpgquilts that I have made where it was all extremely organised in my head and then I forgot. I took notes.

That was last night.

This morning I took another look at my careful notes and a vague inclination tells me that I might have to revisit some of my maths…



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