From Neglected… to Celebrated

This wool has been places. Its journey before it reached me is a mystery, I found it in a tub in the back of my local op shop. Instantly inspired, I grabbed the yummy looking wool and scurried back home where I made a jumper…thing. It made me feel like a ball on legs and so languished at the back of my closet in neglected solitude.

Then, I went on Pinterest. Wonderful place that it is, I found this gorgeous pattern for a crochet bag. Absolutely delighted at the thought of being able to touch and play with such beautiful colours again, I dragged the jumper-thing out of my closet, unravelled it all and started the bag immediately. Right when I was in the middle of panic because of two deadlines. Somewhat predictably (though with mourning) it had to go on the back burner for a few weeks.

But, in the middle of a card making class where I was sitting beside a friend and madly crocheting, it happened. I finished the bag!

And if I may say so, it looks very cute. This bag has had multiple compliments though it has only been out twice. Very simple to crochet,  I heartily recommend the making of this bag.

Also, more items have been added to the Etsy store, including some rather cool melted crayon/crochet flowers canvases. Every visit makes my heart go pitter-patter with excitement, so please pop over for a look see.



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