The Start of A Glorious Day

This was my morning to start with…


Curled up in the chair, fire crackling away – because it is absolutely freezing outside despite the sunshine – coffee cup at hand and knitting in my lap. The knitting part is a surprise. I don’t often kniTulum Nightst and when I do I like to use BIG needles, so it gets done quicker. Knitting is a necessary means to an end because I love knitted things and it’s kind of fun to try new ideas and see what happens.

For example, I’m attempting to combine a cable knit jumper pattern with a poncho pattern and to try to get it to turn out like this

Who’s liking my chances?

And just to prove that I haven’t been completely lazy and just making stuff for me, here is a teddy bear I’m making for the Etsy store. See? Totally productive.


Yes, I know he’s faceless. And stuffingless. My local craft store stopped selling safety eyes, realised that was a mistake and now they have to restock all of WA. Be assured! they will be back in stores within a month. But before I can stuff him I need to put the eyes on so for now, my poor dear teddy remains a blind gutless wonder.


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