The One Where I Drank Coffee

Yes, I missed posting on Monday. But! I had a very good reason. Some friends are moving and needed help packing, so I got to drive down to beautiful Great South. At this time of year (and pretty much every time of year!) everything was so lush and green. With the car stereo cranked up so high you could feel the music and good coffee in the holder, it was a great drive. P6060037.JPG

Did we get much packing done? Not so much. More coffee drinking, comedian watching and dice playing was happening than productive work. Unless you count walking around taking photos as work. In that case, I was very productive.


Meet my favourite photo. He is a favourite and he is mine, and he shall be called my favourite.


Before leaving on my trip I got together with my Etsy partner and her sister, who very kindly agreed to be our arm model, to take pictures of the amazingly cute crochet bracelets that said partner had free-style crocheted. Each bracelet can take her up to eight hours to make and is completely random and unique, no two bracelets are the same.

Blue sky, very deceptive…

The modelling session was fraught with peril, as it was threating to rain. Rest assured! No one got wet in the taking of these photos.








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