Mea cultura est extremum

I was watching a movie the other night, about art forgery. (I should probably stop here and say that forgery is very, very bad and the movie showed that well. The bad forger got in trouble and the good forger lived a long and happy life, with the girl of course.) Anyway, part way through the movie my sister turns to me and says, ‘Hey, isn’t that the artist who painted through the Civil war?’ My response; ‘Ummmm….. Huh?’

So, I have decided to get me some culture. And I Googled it. (We have to appreciate the modern culture as well!) While scrolling through pages and pages of famous paintings I finally found one that I liked.

Painted by Hans Heysen of his daughter Nora

It was a pleasant surprise to discover that Hans Heysen was an Australian. Of course I liked him right away, he was a fellow countryman! While he mostly did landscapes with only the odd portrait, I liked this one the best. There is a sewing machine in the painting, I can totally relate to it. I could start waffling about the light (very bright and airy) or the style (umm… fuzzy?) and the excellent brushwork (or is it brush stroke?) but I won’t. I shall keep my worthy opinions to myself and let the painting speak for itself.


Now when people start to talk about art I can go, ‘Don’t forget about Hans Heysen. A German born Australian, he moved over here in 1884 when he was 7. Studied art in Paris for 4 years, then came back to watercolour our beautiful landscapes. They even put his paintings on the Australian stamps! And did you know that his daughter Nora became a artist too?’

I feel all cultured up now.

(By the way, the title is in Latin and Google Translate is your friend.)


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