The Yaegar Bear

It’s rather dreary  outside today. The sky is completely overcast, the trees are looking slightly miserable with their leafless branches pointing every which way and while the grass is loving the rain it’s too soggy to go out and enjoy it. So what is one to do on such a day?

Photograph headless bears, of course!

Introducing…. The Yaegar Bear!!



As you can see, I’m still waiting on safety eyes before I can sew them together. In the meantime I thought I would have a bit of fun.


(If you read this post before, you will have noticed that I have changed the name of the bear. I found out that Ichabod meant ‘The glory of God has departed’ and as a Christian, that wasn’t something that I wanted my gorgeous bears to be called. So instead, they’re Yaegar, which means to hunt. Hunting for their heads, that is!)




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