How to Make a Basting Wall

I had heard of these strange things, a basting wall, also known as a design wall. If you haven’t heard of one before, it’s a piece of wadding hung on the wall where you can lay out your material pieces and they just stick to the wadding, no pinning necessary. That way it’s easy to adjust and play with.

Immediately brushing it off as something that just hard-core quilters have, along with sewing rooms and fancy sewing machines to do the really cool free motion quilting, I ignored  the notion of it and continued to lay my quilts out on the lounge room floor. That has some problems in and of itself including, but not limited to, people carrying bowls of curry deciding to leap over my carefully laid out quilt, misjudging the distance and landing on said quilt. Fortunately (for that person and all future peaceable interactions) the curry stayed in the bowl and the quilt survived the encounter.

I decided that something really must be done.

Then I did nothing about it (I have a procrastination pile in my head as well as my sewing table. And bedroom. And various other places about).

It wasn’t until yesterday that I faced the problem head on. I had no room to just shut the door and keep everything safe and curry-free, I had no wall space to hang a piece of wadding up and I had no wadding big enough to do the job anyway. But! I had a window and some polar fleece. In the space of about a minute, I had my basting wall.


It is just as it looks. Polar fleece hung over a curtain rail. It is, in my opinion, marvellously simple and brilliant! To pack it away, just roll it up and slip it into a cupboard until you have need of it again. I have now reached the ranks of hard-core quilter. I have a basting wall.

Speaking of quilting, I have almost finished the Maths At Night… quilt. It’s the first quilt that I have designed completely by myself, and I have to admit that I’m quite pleased with it. There’s just a couple of finishing touches that I need to do to it then it will be in the Etsy shop. I just need to quilt around every square. Every… last… square…





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