The Sun Rises In The East

As the sun came up over the horizon the clouds wisping accross the sky turned golden, the once dark of the night sky now tinted the lightest of blues. The mountains in the distance were indistinct with the fog that danced and flowed in the space between my vantage point and them. The sunrise this morning was gorgeous.

You read that right, people. I WOKE BEFORE DAWN.

Not a normal experience for me, I must admit. Any way, I’m back in the Great Southern helping friends move house again. This time I’ve actually been of use, as my absolutely aching muscles can attest to. So many, many boxes…

And before you look at me with that tone of voice and shake your head, thinking, ‘I thought that this was a craft blog?’ I will leave you with this.



And no, I’m not telling you what it is. You shall just have to wait and see.


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