Sea-Foam Green

Greetings and felicitations blogging horde.

Some explanation and an introduction may be in order. Technically this is my first Knot What It Seams blog post. I am a guest blogger for Knot What It Seams, Teri’s somewhat silent partner when it comes to blogging what we are up-to in the craft department, but after some arm pulling I am making a contribution. Without further ado I present my current project…

The Sea-foam Jumper
Aside from our business products both Teri and I have personal craft projects on the go. The Sea-foam Jumper is a half started, left on the shelf to percolate, picked up again project that I hope to finish in the next week.

It is a large, four piece, cable knit, V-neck, pullover. The materials I’m using are Moda Vera Portsea Cotton yarn in variegated green. Needle size is 3.75 mm. I have left arm and back panel, currently decreasing halfway through front panel.

I started knitting very young, I was six when I got my first french knitter (A hollowed out wooden cylinder with four nails hammered in the top). I french braided the entire length of my house and back in two dozen different colours. The result looked like a psychedelic piece of never-ending spaghetti. Needless to say my skills have improved over the years.

One of the reasons I enjoy knitting so much is that I can custom tailor the item to really fit me. For example, imagine you happen to be of Viking barbarian chieftain decent and have to order specially long pants online just to fit, then the ability to lengthen the sleeves of your garment mid creation is very satisfying.

And here is the finished garment.



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