Batik Fabric Haul! (I’ve always wanted to say that)

There is a shed. Just an ordinary looking shed in the backyard of an ordinary house, on a ordinary road in a ordinary suburb in an ordinary part of Western Australia. Once those roller doors have been opened however, there is nothing ordinary about it. This humble shed suddenly becomes a quilters paradise, a fabric hoarders dream.

There are jelly rolls, charm packs, strip packs, fat quarters, half metres, and off the roll. There is brown with purple patterns, pink with blue flowers, green with yellow swirls and every other colour and combination that you could wish for. Simply stepping under the tin roof is almost overwhelming with all the choices and the possibilities of what could be done. Should I get a jelly roll and make a multi-coloured quilt? Or a charm pack and sew a bag? What about selecting a few fat quarters that I will just stare at and stroke until the inspiration hits?


Look at all the pretty colours….


I have to admit, I did all of that. I saved my pennies and planned in advance before making the 50 minute drive to this not-quite-so-humble Aussie shed. The prices are very reasonable (as in, half the store price reasonable) and the owner is lovely to chat with as she allows you to rummage through her neatly organised stacks. Armed with an empty suitcase and with a troop of friends she ventures to Bali and brings back spoils of adventure, also known as Bali batik fabric.  If you live in WA, or are visiting this lovely state, I can be bribed into giving away this local secret. Fat quarters work good… 😉




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