It’s Thursday! Or Is It?

I woke up this morning, stretched (felt some bones in my back crack), stood up (felt a few bones in my knees and ankles crack. Old at 23, what’s this world coming to?), and meandered my way to breakfast and my laptop. What should I do in the ten minutes or so before I need to head off? I know! Write a blog post! Cause it’s Thursday, right?


Thursday was yesterday. Meaning that somehow I lost a day.  Meaning that this should have been up yesterday, terribly sorry. I spent the last couple of days so absolutely chuffed with myself because of Monday’s post that I completely forgot that hey, I have to write another one soon…

So here it is! Remember when I showed you that photo of a crochet project that I had started but wouldn’t tell you what it was? Well, here it is!

One crocheted bag, at your service. Available now at all participating retailers.

The pattern was created by A Little Loopy But I’m Hooked, who kindly lets her patterns be made and sold. I got so many compliments from using the bag I made for me,  that I decided that someone else should have that pleasure as well 😉

Have a good weekend!


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