One Plus One Equals… A Snail?

So yesterday I got all hyped up. Yes, this is it! I’m gonna do it! Nothing can stand in my way!! And I sat down to finish a quilt.


The blanket that I had gotten to go underneath was too small. Only by about 10cm, but it may as well have been a metre. So I slumped grumpily on the lounge floor for a while, muttering darkly about blanket manufacturers and couldn’t they have foreseen that I needed that blanket just a bit bigger? Why on earth would they do those dimensions, clearly their blanket designer dude had issues.


I remembered! I had another quilt, a bit smaller, that would fit it perfectly! Enthusiasm restored, I started work on my Supposed To Be A Square But Turned Out To Be A Hexagon quilt. Then we had guests come over and while sometimes I claim artist temperament and continue sewing when visitors are visiting this time I did the polite thing and packed up.

So at the end of my day, instead of having one totally finished and one partially finished quilt, I had 2 half done quilts and a snail.

And because my computer is playing up I can’t upload any photos to show what I mean by that. You will just have to wait in breathless anticipation until Thursday!




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