I’m Having A Title Mental Blank

So on Saturday, I sat down with some charm squares bought from Maxine’s Shed and decided to make a bag. But a different bag from what I made before. I wanted a large duffel-like bag, one that could be used as a nappy bag, and I had some pretty funky colours to play with.


So I laid the squares out in kinda the pattern that I maybe thought would just might work and promptly realised that I needed to go to Spotlight. Yay! One happy hour later, I was back staring at my squares and wondering what to do. I looked up google on how to make a bag, scoffed at paying for a pattern and went back to staring (I have a good system going, don’t cha think?).

Eventually I plucked up my courage and just started sewing. The sides were easy, just three rows of two. The ends were a bit tricky, but I just left them to nearly the end so I could think * about them some more.

In the end, the bag turned out quite easy. I just had to take it step by step – mainly because I had no idea what I was doing – and a lot of it was ‘Well, before I can do this I have to do that, but before I can do that I’ll have to do this…’ so I worked it out going backwards.

Basically, it was quilt all the layers of the sides together, sew a pocket on, sew the zip along the top. Repeat. Fold the grosgrain ribbon over the exposed seam and along close to the edge. Get the strap ready. Muddle your way around until you figure out how the sides are going to go, the sew the sides, the strap and the middle part together. Do the ribbon thing again. Then just measure out the bottom (I used suede on mine), line it and sew it on. And do the ribbon thing and you’re done!

Easy as right?


Looks good, right?

I think that once I have perfected the process, I might put up a tutorial for it. I get ridiculously proud over these things and insisted that every one must share in my SHEER AWESOMENESS!!! A bag from scratch? Totally my brain child? That ACTUALLY TURNED OUT WELL AND I ACTUALLY FINISHED IT??? BOOYA!!

Phew. Okay, I had my moment. I’ll settle down now. It’s safe to come back.

Moving on to other things, I have had an unhappy camera day, so I’m not totally impressed with the photos. I don’t think that they came out too well. Does anyone have any photo tricks that they could share with me?


*read, procrastinate



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