The One With Bears, Fabric and Seagulls. But No Snails

I know that as a blogger, you’re supposed to have a blogging plan. There are supposed to be lists of what you’re going to blog about on what days (with titles already figured out!) and it helps keep everything organised and flowing smoothly. How many of you can guess that I don’t do that? Either I am so excited and absolutely can’t wait until the next posting day because I have this amazing thing to tell everyone, or I have nothing. Not even crickets chirping in my brain. There is nothing.

But good news for all! I do have exciting things to share today! And I briefly considered doing them one at a time, stretch it out over a few posts, then I thought ‘nah. Let’s do them all! Fun all around!’

So without any further ado, I give to you the Yaegar Bears! I’m very happy to say, yes, the eyes are included.


The safety eyes arrived a couple of days ago and I spent a very happy afternoon sewing together my gorgeous little teddies. Please, go and check them out. They make a rather cute family, complete with two baby bears, Itty and Bitty.

Aren’t they squishy?



And I am fully aware that it looks like I just sewed random body parts together, but I made them in the proper order, so you can blame the wool for the funky colour combos.




Onto my other bit of excitement. I was looking through a craft catalogue, slightly drooling but mostly managing to keep it in check, when I saw this…

Isn’t it great? I haven’t actually seen fabric with verses on it before, and there were a couple of matching pieces that I grabbed as well. The fabric series is called Hidden In My HeART, by V.I.P Cranston. I had a bit of a look around the internet, but I couldn’t see if there were any more like this. Which is shame, because I like the material so much I’m not sure what I want to do with it. What if I make some thing and it turns out horrible? What it I stop it from reaching its full potential?  These are serious things to consider, and so this fabric is going straight onto my procrastination pile until I figure it out.

I was finally going to upload the photo of the snail, which my computer (yes, I am blaming an inanimate object) refused to do before. Right as I was about to do it however, I had to leave for work suddenly and couldn’t do it. After moving two trailer loads of baby clothes and paraphernalia around, I ended up on a jetty at the beach eating fish and chips.


Looks yummy! Unfortunately, I couldn’t tell you what the fish tasted like. I got ninja attacked by seagulls. The chips were rather delicious though.


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