Bargello With A Double Twist

I have two younger sisters (lets just call them Munchkin 5 and Munchkin 6) whose birthdays are in the same month. This year they both had the delightful gift of a handmade quilt by their marvellous sister! (Me, in case you missed it.) After choosing patterns – the hardest patterns in the book, might I add – we hopped in the car and drove the hour down to Maxine’s Shed. Five minutes before we got there Munchkin 6 said she was feeling a bit car sick. We pulled up in the driveway, Munchkin 6 calmly got out of the car and promptly threw up on the poor lady’s front lawn. Her timing was impeccable, my car was safe!

After exploring the shed for a while, the Munchkins got down to the serious business of choosing material. And my pink- and purple-loving sisters walked out with blue and green material. I’m not quite sure how that happened, but both seem quite pleased with their choices.

Because it was Munchkin 6’s birthday first, I started on hers. She had chosen a pattern from the book Bargello With A Twist. The idea was to make blocks, then sew the blocks together –  rather then sew long strips, cut them, then sew them together again which is bargello normally. My blocks didn’t quite turn out like they were supposed to though. I made mine with jelly roll strips so they were all the same width, instead of being perfectly symmetrical like the book said.

After the numerous, numerous blocks were made (honestly, it felt like it took forever to make them; even though there are only 36, it felt like much more) she had great fun laying the blocks out into the order she wanted. I am still in the process of sewing them together so I can’t show you a finished quilt yet, just bits of the work in progress.


I had to trim the squares to the same size, but I accidently trimmed them on different sides each time. So now my OCD is having a field day with seams that are just slightly off. Not by much, but by enough.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

It’s okay.

She’ll never notice.



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