The One Where Logic Defeated Me

I had a brilliant idea the other day.

They do happen with remarkable frequency, I assure you!

I had made a lap rug that I, quite simply, love. It’s adorably cute and best of all, it’s really simple to make. So simple, I thought it would be a great idea to write up a pattern for it and even do a kit. I had plenty of fabric that I had bought and then sat on waiting for the perfect project- procrastination has its perks- and it will work wonderfully for this. The quilt was, as I said, simple and so I had thought it would be easy to write.

But its so haaaaarrrrrddddd!!!!!!!!!!! (That was me collapsing on my desk, head on my arms, sobbing.)

What had been an enjoyable process of sewing and ironing and sewing and ironing has now been destroyed by trying to logically explain what I did. Logic? Ha! But there is a stubborn little kernel inside of me, that is crying ‘I shall not be defeated!!’ with blue paint on the little kernels face. Okay, that sentence got a little weird. However, it sums up my mental state perfectly right now, so it stays.


Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open, because there will be a ‘Disappearing Square Quilt’ pattern here very, very soon.


Edit: If someone wouldn’t mind taking a quick look at the pattern so far, just to tell me what makes sense and what doesn’t, that would be fantastic. If you give me a hoy I’ll send you a link. Thanks 🙂




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