The One With Unicorn Tails

One of the things that I love about craft is finding that perfect thing. That quilting material that instantly tells you what it wants to be, that piece of silk that you just want to stroke forever, or hand dyed yarn bought from the cutest store.

The other day I took Munchkin 5 & 6 to a craft fair, that while interesting, was so crowded that we didn’t stay very long. We ended up not far away at a little yarn and fabric store called Calico and Ivy. I was so entranced by the first room – where all the yarn was – that I didn’t even have a good look at the fabric in the back, which is saying a lot! With their pocket money they bought themselves some little skeins of wool called unicorn tails.


The yarn was delightful to crochet with. There was just enough from each tail to make two palm warmers. I experimented a bit with the hook size, the tag said to use 2.5mm but that seemed too tight. For the blue one I used 3mm and the green one (Munchkin 5’s, whose hand is bigger) I used a 3.5mm hook. Funnily enough, I had more yarn left using the big hook. Not quite sure how that works, but I’ll take it.

Here is the very basic pattern that I used – P8090126.JPG

Foundation chain enough to go around the palm, at the base of the fingers. I ended up with 45 chain in mine. Double crochet two rows in a round.

For the next four rows work back and forth, not in a round. This is the hole for the thumb.

Chain 4 stitch’s and slip stitch in the first stitch across the gap. Crochet another 3 rows in a round.

Because the skeins were quite small, that’s all I had yarn for. It seemed just a tad bit too small so I used some other yarn I bought at the same time (have I mentioned before how fantastic that shop was?) to edge it. Just a couple of rows with the extra colour on top and I picked up the stiches around the thumb hole and single crocheted one row to give it a bit of support and contrast. Also, they can be adapted to adult size by simply crocheting more rows in each step.

And voila! Two quick and easy palmer warmers.

And to those who notice these things, yes this post is a day late. But there was a special reason for this. Today is my Mum’s birthday, so this is for her.

Happy Birthday, Mother of Munchkins!

We love you ❤






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