A Cup Coaster Or Two. Or Twelve.

A little while ago I made a table runner with this beautiful fabric I had gotten from Textile Traders. It was the kind of material that couldn’t just be anything, it had to be something super special (the material’s sparkly, what can I say?). While I was at a quilting camp a couple of months ago I was staring at this material, wondering what I could make to fully capitalise the potential of this shimmery fabric. A couple of the other lady’s came up and it was soon decided that a table runner would be the best bet.

And in my personalP8180141.JPG opinion it turned out quite well! And yes, I know that it’ s a table runner and that I’ve got it laying on the floor. But the table was covered with a to-be-shellacked guitar, so what was I to do?

Anyway, the point to that little story is that I had all the corners leftover from where I trimmed the strips. Another lady suggested making coasters with them, and after a really, really long time (procrastination is my thing) I finally did it! They were quite simple and so I thought to put up a quick tutorial on how to make them….


Step 1!P8160142.JPG

Gather your material. I made 12 coasters, and needed 5 inches of each of the sparkly fabric for the edging. A couple of 1 inch strips were needed of the green and peach as well as the triangles, of which you need (surprise!) 12.

Or 6 squares. Either way.


Step 2!P8160143.JPG

Sew the triangles together and press the seams open.


Step 3!

Trim the triangles to 2 5/8 inch square. This just turned out to be what my triangles wanted to be and it ended up working out quite well.





Step 4!

Stare mournfully at your simultaneously too strong and ickily tepid coffee.

Briefly consider getting up and making another one, before deciding to carry on with the coasters.





Step 5!

Gaze happily at your neatly pressed and trimmed triangles.

Step 6!

Cut out 1 inch strips of the green. Then cut 12 x 2 5/8 strips. Sew them on the sides of 6 of the squares.

Now cut 12 x 3 5/8 pieces. Sew them (surprise!) on the other sides, like so…



StepP8160156.JPG 7!

Now for the binding. Cut a 2.5 inch piece of the shiny material of your choice (I got tired of typing ‘strip’). Iron it in half lengthways, wrong sides together. Sew onto the top of the coaster, mitring the corners as you go. I did two of each of the pretty fabric, making 6 squares.

Warning: when you join the binding together, press the seam open before sewing. I didn’t, and it made slip stitching it on the backing quite awkward.



Step 8!

I used polar fleece for the middle and calico for the backing. With whatever wadding you choose, cut out and layer with the backing and top stitch it all together. All I did to the stitching was through the middle of the triangle and around the square, and around the binding of course.







Step 9!

Trim, and slip stitch the binding down.

Done! Well, half way. Go back to step 6 and do it all over again with the peach fabric.




Step 10!

Now remake your coffee, and enjoy using your handmade coasters!


(Next post I will lay off the !’s, I promise)



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