The One With A Sad Lack Of Good Coffee

TV lies.

Nestle Blend 43 is NOT Australia’s no.1 coffee. It’s a desperate cry for help from a needy and caffeine deprived person, but it is not the country’s favourite.

In my personal opinion. But considering that’s all we have in the house at the moment I shall suffer through and attempt to tell you about my glorious day.

What I dream of in coffee…

I woke this morning to go for a bushwalk with a friend and there was beautiful mist covering the side of the hill. Every breath was visible, and because there was a bit of a wind it was blown right back into my face, which is actually a very unique feeling.

Then after a lovely shower, the last of the good coffee and doing some French on my phone (I am 14% fluent people!), I waged war with a 2 1/2 year old. All Munchkin 8 had to do was say ‘yes’. It took 50 minutes, and some pretty creative excuses (like, ‘I’m a baby! I no say yes!’)but we finally got there in the end.

So somehow me waking up when it’s early and absolutely freezing and then  battling a toddler translates into being a pretty awesome day. I am full of boundless enthusiasm and optimism and cheer! There are a few reasons and brace yourselves, because I’m going to gleefully bubble all over you!

First, Quilter Blogs have accepted my blog for their site!!! If you don’t know who they are, go check them out. I have spent many a happy time scrolling through all the blogs and they have officially risen several places in my ‘People I Like’ list.

Second, I got my first sell on Etsy!!!! It is amazing and incredible and sparked a serious happy dance in the kitchen at my friends place. Fortunately, said friend was in the lounge and didn’t see the grooving that was taking place. The less witnesses to my arm flailing and hip waving, the better 🙂

Which leads me to my third happy news. I am going to Down South tomorrow!!!! To visit with some pretty special people, one of whom is going to show me how to do a no-sew blanket for the above mentioned Etsy sale. I am super excited about that! The lady requested a gender-neutral retro baby blanket for a pregnant friend.


Not sure if it hit the retro mark, but a gender neutral baby blanket it shall be.

So thank you for bearing with me on my ramblings. Thursday’s post will be a tutorial on the no-sew blanket, so stay tuned ❤



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