No-Sew Blanket Tutorial

I know, I know. This is quilt blog, and the last post didn’t actually have any thing to do with quilts. Or any craft really. Today shall be different! It’s not really about a quilt either, but it’s a blanket, so that counts. A dear friend of mine makes no-sew blankets (she even has a couple up on the Etsy store) and she has been commissioned to make another – so exciting!


There is a dilemma.

She has seriously hurt her back and  making the blanket is a bit beyond her right now. Very, very nicely she agreed to show me how to make it and so I thought I would show all of you how to as well. So here we go.

There is a shop in Australia that sells rolls of polar fleece, 1.2m by 1.5m, which is the perfect size for these blankets. If your local craft shop doesn’t have that then buying off the roll works just as well, maybe even better if you would like a bigger blanket. These blankets are often made with one piece patterned and the other side either complimentary or contrasting. So basically all you need is two pieces of polar fleece of what ever size you want (but they do have to be the same size) and whatever colors you want. I’m going for gender-neutral baby blanket.


Step 1 – Lay your pieces of fleece out, wrong sides together so the right sides are facing out. (You can just see the pattern on the material underneath)  Trim them so they are even. The beauty of this type of blanket is that you don’t have to be too pedantic about it being perfectly straight, if there’s a slight wave or two in your cutting it’ll be fine. It took quite a few times of my teacher repeating that for it to really sink in. My OCD nearly took over.


Step 2 – Randomly pin across the blanket, staying over 4 inches away from the edge. This is just to hold it together a bit while you’re cutting and snipping.



Step 3 – At each of the corners, cut out a 4 inches square. My teacher saves all the corners and has started making a quilt by sewing all the squares together.


Step 4 – Now, this part is easier with a quilter’s measuring board. Place the board just above the 4 inch mark, trying to make sure that it’s level. Snip every 1.5 inches up to 4 inches high. Don’t go across the edge working from one side, work from either side towards the middle so that if there are any odd size strips when you’ve finished cutting they are in the middle instead of the end where they are more noticeable.

Step 5 – Make a little snip at the top of the flappy strips. Don’t make them too big, as the tie won’t hold as strongly if they’re too loose.


Step 6 – So this part is the fun part! Get the patterned strip underneath and pull it through the hole.  Thread the plain piece through the hole from underneath as well, following the same direction.

I spent quite a happy time lazily rocking back and forth on a rocking chair, warm and cozy under the blanket as I snipped and pulled. The slightly stiff back from bending over and cutting was well worth it just for this bit!

So there you go, one No-Sew Blanket! I’d guess it took me between 2 – 3 hours to do. I think. There was dinner and dishes and babysitting all happening at the same time so I can’t be certain.

Oh! And the best thing about staying with these wonderful friends? They have the goood coffee 😉


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