The One Where I Do What I Must

There is this material.

Beautiful, embossed material.

Soft muted colours.

Wonderfully silky to the touch.

Just sitting at the shop, waiting.


Begging to be bought.

To be used! To be created into something even more beautiful than they are individually.

Munchkin 1 needs a quilt.

For my loveable elder sister spends her nights shivering, huddling under her thin blankets and curling around a meagre hot water bottle.

I would be doing her an absolute favour by making her a quilt.

And if I’m going to make her a quilt, I may as well use pretty material, right?

And it just so happens that there is some, sitting lonely in the shop, that would be just the thing for such a quilt.

Alright, alright! You have convinced me. I have to go buy some of that material to show that I am a good sister.

I will brave the shop and the cost for the sake of my dear sister.

It is what I must do.


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