The One With Pretty Colours

I got the material.

And it was just as pretty as I remembered! The colours that Munchkin 1 choose were brown, bluely green with hints of grey. While I normally go for colour! colour every where! I have to admit that the more restrained choice really suits her, and will look quite striking in the pattern that we have chosen.


Last night I was so excited about all the pretty fabric that I started cutting out, even though I haven’t quite finished figuring out the measurements for it all yet. Do not follow my lead here, that is a bad, bad thing to do. But I knew that I needed a lot of 3 inch strips, so I happily (with the occasional sighing and stroking of material) started slicing strips.

Somehow – I have NO IDEA how – I ended up on Pinterest on my phone, reading Auto Correct fails. Seriously funny! But not sure how I went from quilting to reading other peoples texts… After losing an hour of my life doing that, I flopped sideways on the lounge and informed my sister that the quilt was going at a snail pace. To which my mother dearest replied promptly, ‘And you’re the snail!’

Gleeful laughter ensured.

Moving on.

P9040274.JPGHow I even discovered this glorious fabric was that I wanted to make pot holders for a friend, and so went hunting for just the right material. I found it, oh boy did I find it! But I was very restrained, I only got what I needed and went home. And spent the next week trying to think of something, ANYTHING, that would require vast amounts of such yummy fabric. Well, you know how that went 🙂

There were many more colours there, pinks and purples and blues, so I definitely will come up with something else to make for all that prettiness. Pillow covers? Lap rugs? A wall hanging just to showcase it’s wonderfulness? Why choose? Let’s just do them all!

After all that gushy mushiness, I’ll leave you with this mystery item. See how many of you can guess what it’s for… (and no, contrary to what some think, it is not for hanging Munchkin 7 by his toes).






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