The One With Baby Bags And Pink Elephants

I’m thinking that the last post needs a bit of explanation.

My friend has a baby bag. It was really cute, and doubled as a change mat, a baby seat cover and what ever else you might need covered before you put your little munchkin down. The whole idea seemed so simple, something that I could make easy as ABC.

There should be death knolls ringing somewhere because I was DEAD WRONG.

In my head it was a rectangle about yay wide by yay long. Made that. Too small.

P9090262.JPGStared mournfully at it for awhile, then went to bed.

The next day.


Kinda the right size. But how to get the cord around the edge? And when I tried to sew a sleeve and thread the cord through it just wouldn’t…. argh. It just wouldn’t work the way I wanted it to. It was supposed to just pull up and go all delightfully scrunchy then lay flat when you spread it out. But my cord wouldn’t go around the corner smoothly and ending the sleeve at the corner and having the short ends by where the armholes are just didn’t work.

So I put them both in the back corner of the sewing table and left them to ruminate on what they had done wrong, sat down and wrote my last post. Then went shopping. Retail therapy is definitely a good thing, and after I got back I had the fierce determination that I shall not be defeated by an inanimate object. Especially one made by myself (Frankenstein anyone?).

The next day I sat down and stared at this.


And then went out and had hot chocolate with a friend.

Said friend is sister to the friend with the bag and I took another serious look at the bag to which I aspired to. So my rectangle bag about yay big? WRONG. Try a completely ROUND bag a metre in diameter. That makes so much sense now! Note to self: actually look at the things you try to recreate. You shall save yourself so much pain and mental agony in the future.

But I was still determined to make a pink elephant baby bag so the next day I rolled up my metaphorical sleeves and flexed my quilting muscles and made this…


I have to admit, I’m quite proud of it. As simple as it is it took a lot of effort and coffee to mesh two such hopeless projects into one useable bag.

And does anyone remember the mystery item from a couple of posts back? Well, that was the cord that was supposed to be the handles for the original bag. My big reveal that I had already written in my head is no more, just this anticlimactic paragraph. It is so disappointing to write such witty words in ones head and then not get the chance to use them…

To cheer myself up, a amigurumi elephant! All those cute little elephants inspired me to make another key ring (I shan’t admit to procrastinating about making the bag).


Isn’t it just squishy?





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