The One With Beautiful Smiles

As I write this, there are strange people looking in the background and the workings of my site, muttering to themselves in geek speak. Oh! They just said they made a change, and lets see what that does. I am concerned. Before, mildly so. Now, hugely!

Last week, I was ironing and glanced out the back door and saw our shed wall. It was like my eyes were opened and for the first time I noticed how cute it was! It is old, and paint peeling and this pale green colour that just works as a quirky backdrop. So I decided to redo all my Etsy photos in front of this wall.

Le mur, or as it’s otherwise known, the wall.


All. The. Photos.

So many photos.

And because Munchkin 1 is just plain gorgeous, I dragged her outside, gave her a bag and told her to pose.

This is a awesome baby bag!!


She was very obliging. I only got the eyebrow a couple of times.

I didn’t get any sewing down this week, every spare moment was spent  recruiting Munchkins to model things for me, so I thought I’ll put up some of my favourite photos instead.

Munchkin 6 holding a stuffed hippo made by my partner in craft (PIC)



The bag version of a drive by…

Munchkin 7 with PIC’s rabbit


And I fiddled around with photos to update the about page


All in all, a very productive (while at the same time not getting any of my to-do list done) week.

I am satisfied.


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