The Yarn of Time

By Teayl,

or Not so Silent Partner in crime craft,

or Teri’s backup when her brain moobs,

or Teri’s absolutely incredible friend who is saving everyone from reading a really boring blog post.

(Teri’s words, not mine.)

What was your very first attempt at knitting? Do you even remember? better yet do you still have it, cause I do…

I was six years old when my homeschool group took a knitting class. I was giver a pair of sticks, splinters poking out every direction and I was sure one of the ends was supposed to be pointy! Then I was given sand paper, a pencil sharpener and shown how to fashion the rough pieces of dowel into my first pair of knitting needles.

Then I wrestles other six yearolds’ for the best wool out of this crate and I began what I knew would be my first knitted masterpiece! I know what your thinking. Yes, it is oddly coloured and crudely stitched, but at least its shaped like a bootie…
I was trying to knit a purse!
It has been nearly two decades since my first attempt and while I lost the needles some time ago I recently found the bootie/purse. So here it is.

I remember feeling good about the knitting until it started to bulge to one side and i couldn’t figure out how to stop it so i just kept going and made it work for me. I’m sure there is a life lesson in there somewhere, allowing a creative project to evolve in to something you don’t expect.

What was Your first attempt like?

Have you yet to attempt knitting?

Ever have a project hijack itself into something completely different?

Here is some french for you Teri… “C’est la vie”.


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