The One With A Quandary

How do you blend purple and green in a way that promotes harmony and peace and doesn’t bring to mind any of my numerous fashion mishaps of yesteryear?

This deep and thought provoking question I desperately needed to answer when I decided to make a quilt for a friend and discovered that her favourite colours are green and purple. It is a colour combination that nature has down pat but when in my hands it looks a pansy got a stomach bug and turned a sickly green.

The purples…


Okay, slight exaggeration. But I was filled with trepidation at this particular combo. Red and blue? Not a problem, love it. Yellow and purple? Brilliant. Should happen every time. Blue and green I can do. Orange and blue, even. Purple and green? How do I get them to flow and blend and dance together nicely?

Answer: Don’t blend.


…and the greens


Do two separate twists, one purple and the other green. Something kinda like this…

From Zag Quilts


Two colour groups, existing in perfect peace and harmony. Fortunately the material that I got from Maxine’s Shed had bits of purple in the greens so they tie in together just enough, I think. Who knows, maybe this will be my best quilt yet. This could be the quilt that will be talked about in hushed whispers, and passed down from generation to generation and they will wonder at the glorious colours that merged so perfectly. Then other people will copy it. There will be copies of attempted blends of purple and green, but none will be as exquisite as the original quilt, the original fabric. Then! It shall be hung in a museum for all to marvel at it….

It could happen, don’t you think?

I have to admit, this piece of fabric is my favourite

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