The One With Foxes and Arrows… On Baby Material… What Were They Thinking?!

When I sat down to start sewing the stripes together for the bargello quilt I…. got distracted. (When I sat down to write this post I got distracted too. This sentence is being written 45 minutes after that first one…) I managed to sew two strips together before wandering off. I had to hang out the washing, then it was lunch time, then I had to go to work, then I sat down to sew again and ended up cutting out squares of this fabric…

Isn’t it squishy?

One of the problems that I have with the quilts that I make is that I do too much, cut the material into small fussy pieces instead of letting the fabric carry the design. The little foxes and hedgehogs and squirrels were just so cute, as was the matching fabric that I just cut out 6 inch squares and laid them in a pattern.



A bit of binding, and a gorgeous little baby quilt is ready to, well, quilt. I’ve told myself that I can’t actually buy anymore fabric UNTIL I finish all the projects that I have on the go, so going to the shops to buy the backing is going to be an exercise P9220167.JPGin self control. And considering that I not only fell off the diet wagon today, but leapt off with a glorious concoction of ice-cream and M&M’s (there may have been a couple of chocolate chip cookies in there somewhere as well) I’m not sure how that’s going to go. I might need to drag Munchkin 1 along and make her hold my purse, only dolling out money for the pre-agreed upon items. Maybe I could bribe her into giving me more with cookies…


Cute blanket, adorable foxes, quirky squirrels, matching arrows and purple nail polish! Loving the purple. All in all, a very good day 🙂


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