The One With Beach Hopping And Bonnets

For reasons that certain members of my family (coughmunchkin1cough) would strenuously object to if I declare them on the World Wide Web, I have been watching Pride and Prejudice. It is a favourite of mine and every now and then I drag it out to the rather vocal horror of all the males in the family.  I heartily enjoy watching Jane and Bingley, Elizabeth and Darcy falling in love in a time where touching was limited t0 holding hands while dancing the Cotillion and if suddenly you were left alone in a room together he was going to propose. Like, every time. Bet your future happiness on it.  And the bonnets! Each time I watch it I idly wonder if I could make one. After all, you can get a lot of sewing done in 5 hours…

P9250193.JPGWhich leads to a confession which I had been trying avoid. I haven’t done any craft this week. There was more travelling, beach hopping (literally, hopping around the beach), coffee guzzling, unpacking, eating of ice-cream for breakfast and donuts for lunch, photo taking, more coffee, river walking and singing than craft.

My apologies.

All I can offer you is some of said photos of beach hopping and the beautiful scenery of The Great Southwest.

Watching the storm come in














A random fence post on the side of a dirt road



















Are you appeased? I promise actual craftiness next week,  with pictures and everything.


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