The One With Nameless Sewing Machines

My sewing machine thinks that I have forgotten it’s name.

Considering that I never named it, that’s actually very true. Another reason why it might think that is because I haven’t even glanced in its general direction in… That’s how long its been. I can’t remember.

This past week has been absolutely full on. There is a convention that happens twice a year just down the path from where the Munchkin Family lives and it was on this last weekend. It took the week to prepare the campsite for the invasion of around 400 people and then helping to cook for up to 200 people. Not a lot of time for sewing, but I have had a lot of time of thinking about sewing as I did the dishes and cut capsicum and checked the ablutions for toilet paper. It’s been slightly frustrating, having all these brilliant ideas and not been able to actually do any of them!

I do have a lovely pretentious idea for those hexagons that I made last week. It’s so delightful that I have thrills in my fingertips just picturing its gloriousness. But I shan’t tell you what it is until I have made it and make sure that it lives up to its fullest potential 😉

While I’m at it I shall name my sewing machine. Gertie. Janelle. Freddy? Or Archibald! I like Archibald. What do you think?


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