The One With A Kiwi Flavour

Apparently, if you crochet pot holders out of acrylic, when you hold it against heat it will melt onto your hand and cause horrific burns. Fortunately I only made one before deciding to google it just out curiosity to find out what the great wise internet knows about it. There were lots of CAPTITAL LETTERS TELLING YOU  NOT TO DO IT. So. No pot holders to show you fine folks, you shall have to content yourselves with this instead.


My New Zealand Quilt


At the beginning of the year my Partner In Craft and I went to New Zealand on a holiday. It was completely amazing and beyond even my most wildly optimistic thoughts! And amidst all the excitement of white water rafting and flying foxes and horse riding at sunset, what do two crafters do while traveling? They fabric shop, of course!

While travelling through the North Island we went through a little town called Levin. After PIC pointed out a craft shop, we did a, umm, quick and totally legal manoeuvre to park the car and head inside. There were all sorts of beautiful fabrics inside. We also found another place in Auckland that had a lovely selection. By that point (the last stop before we went to the airport) I was slightly low on funds. The lady behind the counter pulled out her scrap basket and let me spend a blissful several minutes picking through and choosing my favourites. Due to the small size of the squares, I was stumped over what to do with them for awhile, but then had a brain wave and decided to hand stitch this lap quilt. Yes, hand stitch. The crazy thing is, I enjoyed every second of it. Every time I picked it up to work on it I remembered our trip and it made me smile.


My PIC is secretly envious (Don’t front! I’ve seen you stroking it behind my back!!)


(Also, this is the quilt where I first learnt to bind properly. But that is another post…)

This quilt graces my little sewing nook, which is a corner of my spare bed piled with pillows and cushions where I sit and crochet. Preferably while drinking coffee and eating chocolate. It isn’t very large as I only had the fabric I had but that’s alright. It just means more snuggling.

Actually, I do have some fabric left. It’s some from Levin, and for some reason I just didn’t want to add it to the quilt. It didn’t seem to fit, in a way. Have you ever had fabric that is somewhat important to you and it can’t be made into just be any old thing, it has to be something special but you don’t know what that something special is? That is my dilemma with my Levin fabric.

I really like the effect of the black strips against the multitude of colours. Like any quilter, I have a box full of fabric scraps and I was thinking that this could be a good way to use them up. They are from so many different projects that none of them really go together but with the black separating them? I think it will turn out quite striking.


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