Patchwork Geometry

By Teayl.

This blog ends up tying in with Teri’s Kiwi flavor post as I cover projects made from the same materials. The New Zealand fabric we found in Levin and Auckland needed to be put to good use  and I found a good way to use small scraps. Two birds and all that.
I used basic geometric shapes combined in configurations to make basic animal patchwork gifts. The shapes I use typically are the basics like triangles, squares, pentagons, hexagons, heptagons and the occasional octagon. Using handmade stencils I cut the shapes out of a selection of fabrics and begin to pin and sew the edges together leaving a hole.
Once I have the animal “skin” I stuff it with hobby fill and sew up the hole. I sew a pear of button eyes on to the head with tension so that the fabric bulges around the button to suggest eye sockets.

I started at the beginning with the Jurassic period and made a stegosaurus and a triceratops. Then I moved on to an African theme with the classics. Elephant, giraffe, etc.


I am selling these cute gifts on Etsy and I hope to put together some tutorial packs for crafters to make their own patchwork animals.Check them out here for more info on purchasing these and keep an eye out for DIY packs coming soon.


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