The One With Pretty Pillowcases

Tootsie and I have had an emotional reunion. It involved a lot of stroking of slightly dusty plastic, sighing in rapture over the fact that I was actually sitting in front of my much loved sewing machine, and drinking of coffee.


My seams match up! So proud of myself!


The project that I chose for this exciting occasion? A set of pillow cases, one for him and one for her. I had bought a set of rulers from Jaybird Quilts, the Sidekick and the Hex N More, and I decided to pull them out and play around a bit. Came up with triangle/chevron design that I quite liked. It was bliss to sit down and do all the fiddly bits that I normally find a bit annoying, like ironing every seam open as I go and making sure that the corners fitted right. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder!



A very messy version, but that’s the basic idea


I’m going to hand sew on pink crochet chain on the girls pillow saying ‘hers’, and blue of course on the boys saying ‘his’. I had matching pink and blue wool, special hand-dyed wool that I love oodles. Only when it came to crocheting the chain in the blue, I couldn’t find the blue ball! Any where!! It is most distressing 😦


I do have another ball of blue which I shall have to use instead. When it’s finished it shall look marvellous, and I shall be well pleased. Tootsie played her part well, and I shall reward her by using her often in the future.




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