The One With Hints Of Spring

We are in the last month of spring over here in sunny WA. Or not so sunny. It has only just started to feel warmer and the summer clothes are only now coming out. So in honour of our somewhat belated springtime, I got in a flowery mood. After donning a skirt and twirling around the house I settled down. And made a bag out of some lovely vintage floral fabric.


Now, I have a habit of diving into things and having a lot of fun making it up as I go. Sometimes I succeed. Sometimes the results are… a little interesting. Take this bag, for example. There aren’t many pieces required for a bag. The body, a strap or two and either a zip or some buttons. A pocket, if you have mind to do so. Fairly simple, yOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAou are probably thinking. What can go wrong, you wonder. Well, I shan’t tell you what part of the bag I got all the way to the end before realising Oh! I forgot a bit.

Oh well. These things happen. And they seem to happen a awful lot to me. I wonder if there is something I’m supposed to be learning…

Anyway, I did a bit of unpicking, a bit of figuring out, and voila! C’est une sac! Et tres jolie! (I am now 31% fluent in French. And no, I’m not bragging. Just naturally awesome 🙂 )

This Springtime bag is up in the Etsy store as of thirty minutes ago. I am so proud of myself, I have actually been finishing projects and getting them up in the store in a spritely fashion. My procrastination pile is steadily decreasing and I think that soon I may come to the end of it.

Or maybe all the twitterpation in the spring air has got to me and I’m overly optimistic. Time shall tell!


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