The One With Perfect Points

One of the things that I really struggled with when I started quilting was matching seams. Triangle points in particular were really difficult, both for lining up and the bulkiness of all the seams converging at one place. But! I have overcome! And finally figured out how to do nice points when quilting.

So today I thought to give a few tips that I found helpful, in case there is anyone else out there who like me just wants nice points on their triangles.


First tip – Iron as you go. Yes, I know that that is a fairly basic sewing rule, but at first I just didn’t see the point (Ha! Pun!) in doing every. single. seam. as I went. It is definitely worth it, as your finished project will look just that much neater.

I prefer to press my seams going alternate directions

Second tip – Nestle your seams. For those who don’t quite know the quilting lingo (like me as of 10 seconds ago before I Googled it [capital G just for you John!]) that means to iron your seams going opposite ways so when you join your rows together, the seams are going different ways and so just slot in together neatly.

So lets just say you have made a row of triangles and have ironed all your seams going one way. When you start to sew your second row, before you iron hold it up to your first row so that you will press it in the right direction. I often get my left and right mixed up, so I need the visual ‘Oh! We’re going this way today’ to help me with seam ironing.

The back seam is going to the left, the front to the right. That, ladies and gentlemen, is nestling

Third tip – Make sure that the tips of your points are a 1/4 inch away from the edge of the material. If your points are any closer, when you sew the rows together you will lose the tip of the point in the seam. If its further away your quilt won’t look as tidy.

Leave a 1/4 inch between your point and the edge

Fourth tip – Iron the seam that holds the rows together open. This seam will have the most bulk and to press it all one way will leave a definite line through your quilt. By pressing it open the bulk will be split and won’t leave awkward bumps.


Nice open seam…


Fifth tip – Well, this one is kind of self explanatory. Try to avoid this.


Bonus points to those that spot the difference…


There you have it. A few hopefully helpful tips to assist you on your way to perfect points. As for me, I will have plenty of opportunity to practise. I still all these to sew.


Good times ahead



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