The One With Imperfect Confessions

So here’s the thing.

As you may have noticed throughout my blog, in particular the tutorials, I am not a perfect sewer. I sew seams on back to front, I miss out entire sections that are rather important and even after numerous checking I still manage to sew that thing on upside down. I happen to think that – forget diamonds, a quick unpick is a girls best friend and if you have never needed to use one in your life, I just don’t want to hear about it.

All my mishaps aren’t restricted to my sewing either. Take just 5 minutes ago for example. I was having a Hallmark movie-worthy moment with Munchkin 8, having a bit of cuddle after solving the problem and stopping the tears. He looks up at me with his big blue eyes, still glistening with a hint of tears… then sneezed in my face. Lets just say that I had to clean my glasses after that.

And social media! I have no idea how people managed to take the kinds of photos you see on Instagram and Pinterest. Compared to the pictures on Pinterest, mine seem dowdy and dark. I don’t have a white wall in my entire house and my furniture isn’t trendy and on point. The only item that I’ve actually bought that might be considered ‘in’ is my clock.


I am ridiculously fond of my clock


So we’ve established that my sewing is fraught with unpicked and resewn seams, only my clock is fashionable and Pinterest sighs when they see me click the ‘Pin it’ button. But you know what? Doesn’t bother me in the least.

In fact, I’m kinda in love with my life and wouldn’t have it any other way. Those moments when I flail around the room and flop on the lounge and complain loudly that ‘I missed the strap! How could I have missed the strap!’ while my loving family laughs at me are perfect. Munchkin 8 sneezing at me? I will definitely smile at that at some point in the future. I don’t want to miss those moments. Who knows if they will happen again?

Basically what I’m saying is my blog will continue to be filled with a few successes but a lot more ‘Oh dear’ moments. My tutorials will tell you how not to do something as much as it will show you how to. I think that life is so much more that white backgrounds and somehow perfectly placed props. I think it’s pink and cream walls and seams that aren’t straight and Munchkins smiling up at you.

My life isn’t Instagram ready. But I am okay with that.


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