The One With Triangles!!!

I have had a most productive morning. It is just past 10am, and I have overstitched a quilt, had brekkie, washed the dishes, taken photos of said quilt, done two loads of washing, tried to convince Munchkin 8 that he didn’t really want his dummy and that he really wanted to do a wee in the potty (I have awesome powers of persuasion), did a few other odd jobs, put a listing up of Etsy, was so hungry that I was eying off Munchkin 8’s arm because seriously? How do people survive having breakfast that early? So I joined him in his morning tea, and thus his arm was saved.

It is a remarkably chewable arm though.

I know that there are scarily efficient people out there, who will look at this and think, ‘I’ve already done all that, and hand scrubbed the floors, washed the car and walked the dog. What’s the big deal?’ My hat definitely goes off to those people, I have no idea how they do it.  I am very content with my reasonably bustling morning.

The whole reason I got up so early and sewed was because I wanted to show off my new quilt. Triangles are a thing for me a the moment. I love how a seemly complex and intricate pattern is actually just carefully placed triangles.


This is just my starting piece. I did a search for ‘triangle pattern Tumblr’ and so many, many amazing patterns appeared that I just know that I shall by making many a triangle quilt. It’s my birthday tomorrow, so fabric shopping is in my very near future, and thus, so is more quilts! Triangle quilts, of course 🙂

Children, don’t follow my example of standing on furniture



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