The One With Escapee Chickens

Unfortunately, I am not a full-time crafter. As much as I wish that I could sew all day long, to not do the dishes, not go to work and definitely not to cook…. life has a really annoying way of trying to squeeze in between me and Tootsie.

One of my jobs is reticulation. Sprinkler repair, otherwise known as trench digging. I am an awesome trench digger. I can’t promise straightness, but that trench shall be dug!

So one day, (this was a few years ago) I was digging in a gentleman’s backyard, minding my own business. I was just about to toss aside a shovelful of dirt when suddenly… there was a chicken on my shovel. Now what do you do with that? Fling it and hope the chicken will fly? I gently carried the shovel of dirt and chicken back over to the chicken coop and nudged it off then went back to my trench. By the tenth time that darn chicken got on my shovel, I was just throwing it with the dirt. It obviously didn’t bother it, cause that chicken just kept getting out of the coop and coming back.

That chicken became the stuff of legends in my house. Many a bedtime story was told about Houdini Chicken and his adventures. And today I’m going to tell you one.


“One morning, Houdini Chicken woke up, stretched his wings and fluttered his feathers. Then he hopped out of bed and went to eat some breakfast because he was very hungry. But when he got outside, all the grain was gone! Houdini Chicken had slept in too long and the other chickens had eaten all the food. Well. Houdini Chicken decided to go find something else to eat.

He went over to the fence and went POP! through a hole in the fence. There was a lovely vegetable garden right in front of him, so Houdini Chicken decided that a tomato would make a very good breakfast. Just as he was about to peck into a huge, juicy, red tomato a worm poked up his head from inside the tomato. The worm stared at Houdini Chicken, and Houdini Chicken stared at the worm. The worm looked so yummy, fat and plump!

Houdini Chicken’s stomach grumbled. He leaned forward, beak opening as wide as it could go, when….”


What will happen next? Will the worm live another day, or will Houdini Chicken get his breakfast? Tune in next time folks, for more ‘Adventures of Houdini Chicken’!


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