The One With The Ending

Last time, in the Adventures of Houdini Chicken,

Houdini Chicken’s stomach grumbled. He leaned forward, beak opening as wide as it could go, when….


The worm disappeared! Houdini Chicken pulled his beak out of the now ruined tomato and looked around to see where the worm had gone.

There he was! Over on some lettuce leaves! Houdini Chicken tried to sneak over so the worm wouldn’t spot him. Creeping closer… and closer… until slowly, slowly he opened his mouth really wide and carefully placed it over the worm. Only, when he chewed, there was no worm but only lettuce leaf!

Houdini Chicken was now super determined (and hungry)! He spun around to find that worm. Over there! In the pumpkin patch!

As fast as he could, Houdini Chicken raced to the pumpkin patch. He was going to catch worm if it was the last thing he did! Beak open as far as it would go, Houdini Chicken lunged at the worm.


Poor Houdini Chicken sat next the to pumpkin, his head spinning from hitting the rather hard vegetable. Getting up slowly, he made his way back home. He went POP! through the hole in the fence and inside the chicken coop to curl up in his bed.

He wasn’t hungry anymore.


Poor Houdini Chicken! Maybe he’ll get the worm next time 🙂 The reason there is a random story about a chicken master of escape is I’m ruminating about the idea of doing a series of embroidered squares about his many escapades. I think they’ll be wall hangings rather than in a quilt, but that is far off in the future. At the moment I can’t see past Small Business Saturday, which is in 5 days time!!! We’re having a sale over in the Etsy store and it’s a bit of a mad scramble to get things finished and photographed.

I hope your week shall be relaxing and full of lovely crafty things. I shall think of you, sitting there sipping your coffee while leisurely sewing beautiful things together, while I’m telling the Munchkins ‘Eat? Why do you want to eat?! Food is unnecessary!!’ and telling the sun off for going behind that tree ‘when I’m not finished with the photos yet! Get back here!!’

Yes. I shall think of you.


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