The One With Tardy Success

It is done! Munchkin 6’s birthday quilt is completed! Now put those judging eyebrows away, I’m only 5 months late. Or 20 weeks. Or 150 days. Or really, when you look at it, one 16.8th of her entire life was spent waiting for her quilt….


Princess Munchkin, allowing you to enter her presence and gaze upon her quilt


Oh alright. I admit it. I deserve those eyebrows, I’m a horrible sister for taking so long! All day yesterday Munchkin 6 kept coming up to me and just staring while I sewed. Occasionally she would ask, ‘Will it be done by tonight? Can I sleep with it tonight?’ That was a powerful motivation to get it done, let me tell you! We’re not even going to go near the fact that Munchkin 5 is still waiting for her quilt, and I haven’t even started it yet. Hers should be much easier with jelly roll strips going around a charm square block.

It’ll look amazing once I’m done.

Which will be before her next birthday.

Trust me.


Is there a little Munchkin under there… or not?



3 thoughts on “The One With Tardy Success

  1. Lovely! I am sure the little princess is so proud of her big sister. It is a wonderful birthday gift. They won’t mind the late gift as it is filled with so much love and care.. (I myself could give my handknitted gifts to my daughters after three months of their birthday)


  2. Oh Terri it’s LOVELY!
    Just think, your hard work may soon pay off with some munchkins being able to help you with those big projects …


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