The One With Satisfaction

I have had a very satisfactory 24 hours.

Yesterday, while on a picnic in Kings Park (if you are ever in W.A, visit Kings Park. It is very picturesque) I got a notification on my phone. I nearly ignored it because, you know, out with friends…but my curiosity and need to be connected to the outside world won over mere politeness. I tried to be subtle, but I think the gasping-shriek thing I did when I saw someone had bought a quilt from my Etsy shop undid any subtleness that I might have achieved.


Someone not only bought a quilt, but requested three matching pillowcases to go with it! I may have done a happy dance, but if I did it was behind a wall away from everyone. Not saying that I did, but if I did, that is where I would have done it.


When I woke up this morning, there was yet another notification on my phone. This one was asking for me to sew a custom quilt for them!! Cue happy wiggling on the bed. Not saying that I did, just mentioning that that would have been a good time for wiggling.


A lovely day was spent material shopping, sewing a nappy clutch (which will probably be a post here at some point. Because nappy clutches? Brilliant idea.) and selling a couple of baby items. Another opportunity for happy dancing in the kitchen. If that was your thing.

Just saying.


A very satisfactory 24 hours.


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