The One With Peace

Last night I did something I rarely do. I stopped.

I didn’t flop on the lounge or my bed and a grab a book, I didn’t pick up my phone and start playing Sudoku. I went outside and sat on the couch that has featured in many of my photos and just enjoyed the beauty of a summer evening.

And it was quite stunning. There is no way to describe the colour of the sky, the way the sunlight shone through the leaves turning them golden. The way the breeze felt, cool and slightly damp because of the sprinklers that were on. I could try to describe absolute peace and contentment that I felt in that moment but words won’t do it justice. I find that I try too hard, using bigger and more effusive words and phrases that tend to overshadow what was simple. It reminded me of this verse, the first part of Psalm 46:10

Be Still…and know that I am God

I know it’s a bit of a Christian cliché, trotted out fairly often. Maybe so often that we forget to really take it in, to actually be still and breathe. To enjoy the sunset. To listen to the patter of rain. To take a moment and fully, truly experience life right where you are at. And to feel the peace that comes from being still.




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