Crochet Cactus and Pot Tutorial

This is what happened when I tried to crochet a cactus and pot.


No, I didn’t turn the photo sideways. The pot just won’t stand!

Not quite what I had in mind when I made it. The Marvellous B managed to get the tipsy pot upright, but I haven’t mastered the technique yet! And yet, I still wanted to crochet a cactus because I think they are really cute and make lovely desk decorations.  Hunting through garden sections of shops proved fruitless (ha! pun! Get it? Garden areas, fruitless? Okay, never mind) until my search ended in the kitchen area. Did you know that there were such things as tiny little bowls for salt? I sure didn’t! These little lovelies have been repurposed for cactus pots.


Cute, are they not?

This is how I did it…


Salt dish thingies (I don’t even know what they are called). PC260488.JPG

Super glue. It needed to be superglue and not craft glue because the dishes have a smooth surface and the craft glue doesn’t stick. Super glue, on the other hand…

Kebab stick or tooth pick. This is for holding the cactus in place, and will save your fingerprints from getting removed from your fingers by the above mentioned extremely sticky super glue.

Crochet cactus.



Step 1 – Crochet your cactus. There are many, many cute patterns out there, or just make up your own! Continue crocheting around the base of the cactus until it is big enough to fit your pot.

Step 2 – Grab the glue


Squeeze a small line of glue along the edge of the pot. I did mine around 1cm down from the top and don’t glue around the whole pot in one go. Just do a small strip, around 2cm, at a time. This is superglue after all, and it doesn’t forgive mistakes.

Step 3 – Seize the cactus and kebab stick.


Moving swiftly, use the kebab stick to hold the cactus in place until it sets. Which will be in approx. one second. I thought it should be safe to hold in place with my fingers because there’s something between my naked fingers and the glue, but not so. It soaked through, and nearly took my finger from me, but I prevailed!

Step 4 – Leave a small gap to stuff the pot.


Step 5 – Lay hold of your stuffing…and stuff.


It will need quite a bit of stuffing, until it is quite firm otherwise your cactus will develop a lean and once you finish gluing, there’s no way to add more stuffing.

Step 6 – Snatch up your glue for the final stretch. It gets a bit trickier here. Try to hold the stuffing out of the way with the kebab stick while you glue. Your neat finish will be marred if there is a tuft of stuffing sticking up from the edge because of, you know, super glue.

And you’re laughing! You now have a super cute, steadfastly reliable and upright crochet cactus. Enjoy 🙂







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