The One With Red Gloves And Quick Unpicks

After a mere two weeks notice and two weeks madly sewing (eating? Pah! for weaklings! And sleeping? Only after I drop from exhaustion!) my Partner-In-Craft and I had a stall at the Kalamunda Markets!! They are one of the more well know markets in my fair city and has been dream of mine for years to one day have a stall there, amongst amazing handmade jewellery and unique clothing and so many other creative stalls.



Setting up the stall. That strange fellow lurking in the background? Munchkin 1’s fiancée 🙂


It was a pretty cool experience, setting up a stall and chatting to the people coming by which introvert that I am, at times reached nightmarish proportions. But I made it through and sold a few things and got a couple of orders, so I mustn’t have done too badly!



An artful blend of quilting and crochet


In the week leading up to the market I had made around 20 pot holders, or heat pads. I had bought special heat resistant wadding to line them with, which I did test on a pot coming out of the oven. They worked! So I finished all the pot mitts, hand stitching the binding for that neat, professional finish. Thought, actually, these seem rather thin. Maybe I should try them again. After leaving the pot in the oven on highest setting for a while I tried taking them out with my gorgeous pot mitts. And promptly burnt my hands. Mother of Munchkins came wandering into the kitchen a few minutes later, sniffing, asking if anything was burning. Yes!! My flesh! And all the hard work I had put into the making of the now useless pot mitts.

It was a sad day in the Munchkin Household.

Apparently, the pot I had tested them on at first hadn’t been in the oven very long, so hadn’t gotten hot enough. Which I do vaguely remember someone telling me that at the time. Hindsight is a beautiful thing.

All was not lost however! Friends and mothers bravely picked up quick unpicks and got started unpicking so I could resew them with more layers of wadding to make them truly heat resistant, while others worked on making bags and thank you notes. I have amazing people around me 🙂


Some of the infamous pot holders…


The end result was that nearly all of the pot holders  were finished by Saturday. I was perched on a brick wall behind the stall, daintily hand sewing the binding on the last couple, hoping I looked less unorganised and more ‘See! everything is totally handmade!’. Unfortunately, I didn’t factor in the sun. Because it’s summer. In Australia. And we had no shade.  While I was making tiny stitches I was also turning a lovely boiled lobster shade of red. It’s so red, with such a defined line, that Munchkin 4 thought that I was wearing long red gloves. Then he realised that it was my arm. Sigh.

Note to self – bring a shade cloth to the next market.



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