The One With Babies and Bears

I have long been of the opinion that chocolate is the complete cure-all. There is now further proof that it really can cure anything, including pregnancy! While out with friends the other night enjoying hot chocolates, my very pregnant friend – who was overdue by about 5 days – went into labour! It was quite exciting, and eight hours later a gorgeous little boy was born. I submit to you that chocolate was the reason, and thus it is an necessary part of life.

And while on the subject of chocolate, and in extension, Valentines day (it’s not that much of a stretch, is it?) here is a teddy that I’ve prepared well, well, in advance…

Ain’t he a sweetie?

I do realise that Valentine’s day is over a month away, but I thought I’d get the jump on it, seeing as my habit is to procrastinate for while…then do nothing but madly sew to finish projects in time. Well, this time, I am on schedule! I shall actually have some seasonally appropriate items up in the Etsy store before the actual event. Well, it’s not actually up yet, but it shall be soon…

While we are on the subject of hearts and roses, my sister got engaged recently, so the abundant making of almost sickeningly cute things is definitely fitting!  😉





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