The One Where Money Solves Everything

What do you do when you have a problem? Throw money at it! Solves everything.


Yes, I am fully aware that there are several problems with that statement (many, many things actually) but in this case it is quite simply true. My crochet pots, which previously had the unfortunate habit of toppling over, have had a change of heart. Basically I’m paying them to stay upright. Extortion, I know, but what can you do?  I shall let you into the secret of bribing an inanimate object into obey your directions, so lean in close, I’m about to whisper… put 5c in the bottom of your pot.


Unbelievably simple and yet undeniably effective! The coin gives a nice firm base and my tipsy topsy pots are now solid pillars of crochet thread and stuffing. Now the heart pots can do what they were intended for and stand straight!

I did these as yet more Valentine’s items, but I think that they will look good as desk ornaments, no matter the time of the year. What do you think?



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