The One With A Package Of Untold Delight

There was this pretty fabric, just sitting at Craftsy. Sitting there, just waiting for me to buy it. Taunting me, almost, softly saying ‘what are you waiting for? You know you want me…’ But I was strong, people, I was strong! I resisted the siren call of the pretty fabric.

For about three months. After endlessly watching my emails like a hawk and checking their website at least once a week if not more (ahem. Maybe more like once a day), Boundless Fabric came on sale! Rather than buying up all the prettiness, I made myself only buy what I already had a quilt pattern in mind for. It was hard, let me tell you! Mental strength, people, mental strength.

After angsting for hours over the choices, I managed to narrow it down to these few finalists. They have long names so brace yourself, people, brace yourself!

Boundless Blenders Botanical Hydrangea 2.5inch strip

These long purple/blue lengths of flowery happiness shall be in a… I don’t quite know the name of the pattern or how to explain it. Multi-coloured star shapes with white squares separating them? Use your imagination, people, your imagination!

Boundless Blenders Botanical Oden and Oasis 5inch charm squares


There were two different lots of colours that I couldn’t decide between them, so I got a charm square pack from each. They blended together really well, so much so that I can’t even remember which was in which pack. All these petite squares shall be cut into triangles, and sewn into larger squares with black edging around each. Did I do better at explaining that time? Progress, people, progress!

Boundless Blenders Botanical Moon Shadow 6 inch strips

Now this roll of shadowy wonders was the spark that ignited my Boundless obsession. This shall be sewn in a stripy pattern with angled edges so the pattern doesn’t overwhelm the material. I didn’t think that the photo really does this glorious fabric justice, the colours seem a bit muted. But the first time I saw it, my heart sang a little song. It sang, people, it sang!

Boundless Blenders Botanical Sea Grass 5inch charm squares


This one… I don’t actually remember picking out. But it arrived and it’s on the bill, so I guess I must have. Have no idea what this shall end up being. It’s a mystery, people, a mystery!

After placing my order and paying enough in shipping that I could’ve bought at least two more packs for the same money, I sighed in relief that it would arrive in Australia in 5 business days. ‘Not too long to wait,’ I told myself, rubbing my hands together in anticipation. ‘Not too long at all!’

Well, it arrived in Australia in 5 business days. And then sat there, in the airport, for over a week. The airport that is only a 15 minute drive away. I was so tempted to ring them up and offer to take my parcel off their hands. That way they wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of delivering it, right? Consideration, people, consideration.

But I didn’t. I waited.

And waited.

Finally it arrived!! I nearly wrestled Father of Munchkins to the ground to get the Package of Untold Delights off of him. I won the battle, people, I won the battle!

So all in all, I am very excited about this fabric. You shall probably see a lot of it in the coming months. Given my powers of procrastination it will probably take many months before I finally finish all I have planned. But it shall happen, people, it shall happen!



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